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Feb. 11th, 2010

we can do it
I am feeling sorry for myself. I am trying not to but I am.

I have been thinking about people who stand up for things and other people. People who do it loudly at the expense of losing friends or losing respect. But they do it anyway out of conviction and what they think is right. I try to be like this. Out of my sense of fairness and what is right, I sometimes sound incoherent and more often insulting. I wish I could be more eloquent and not just get red in the face and sputter on.

My mom is probably my biggest hero in this department. She routinely stands up to corporate and political bullies in her town. She has been doing it since I was in the womb. Maybe this is why I am like this. I have heard her stammer in front of the cameras at the city council meetings, but she finally has the respect of those in the government that the council hears her out and treats her kindly now. And I have also seen her say "egads! I sounded terrible! I made no sense!". And she continues on.

I feel lucky to be the child of a person who holds her convictions so strongly that she will stand up and take the chance of losing face. I am proud.

The very awful book

little people horseys
So last night Zoe and I took out a few of the books we got for a steal at Pottery Barn Kids. (The local store went out of business, so they were selling A LOT for A LITTLE. Books were especially cheap. We got a ton of 'em.)

After glancing at a few, Zoe picked the one with the cover of a cute doggy, called "Hachiko, The True Story of a Loyal Dog". Sounds very promising, doesn't it? It has a lovely cover, too. Very calming and pretty.

So I read her the book. Here's the synopsis. The dog goes with his owner every day to the train station. And the owner goes to work, and the dog goes home. Then the dog walks back to the train station when the owner comes back on the train so they can walk home together. Every day the dog does this. Pretty cool dog, huh? Ok. Well one day, the owner does not come home on the train BECAUSE HE DIED AT WORK. The dog still goes to the station, obviously confused. A few people give food and water to the dog when they find out what happened. Eventually the dog goes back home, where he is cared for by the gardener of the home. But he still goes to the train every morning and every evening. And obviously, this is a super cool dog, so the people in town raise enough money to build this statue in the dog's likeness. Groovy. And then the dog dies. THE END. 

I could barely keep it together to finish this book, but I did not cry visibly, for which I am rather proud. Zoe, on the other hand, broke into a full on sob. Of course. 

So we moved on to a much better book, called "Night Bear and Lambie". This is a lovely story about 2 stuffed animals who are each the toys of two brothers. They are friends and sneak out one night to go have chocolate milk. It's very lovely and not stressfull at all, nor sad. 

When I told John about the horrible book this morning, he asked if he should sell it. (He's been selling a lot of books on Amazon, and since Zoe seemed to hate this one, figured he'd likely be able to sell it.) I told him to ask Zoe about it first. So he went to her room to find the book to show it to her and ask her if she wanted to sell it. He searched the room but couldn't find it. I figured John was being John and simply could not find something plainly obvious, but he said "well, maybe she took matters into her own hands and the book's gone to sleep with the fishes". A possibility, I figured. 

We asked her at dinner where the sad book about the doggy was. "I hid it" she said. "I didn't want to see it anymore". 

So John was right. She decided she would rather give the book to a kid who needs a book rather than sell it, though. (I did not even ask her about this option. I merely asked her if she wanted Dad to sell it. She said "I want a kid to be able to have it. So what if a kid likeded that book?" So now I will put it into the donate area for the kids at my clinic. 


little people horseys

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